Xmas Stollen Bread

Xmas Stollen Bread Recipe Guidelines

Xmas Stollen Bread

Production method and areas of focus for making delicious Xmas Stollen Bread. Super awesome treat for any festive gatherings! Try it and let us know what you think.

(1) Starter dough
Rest for 1 hour at room temperature

high protein flour 538g
bare wheat flour 34g
raw yeast 20g
sugar free yogurt 140g
milk 284g
honey 60g
water 82g

(2) Main dough
cream 452g
almond cake 130g
rock salt 12g
granulated sugar 38g
nutmeg 2g
lemon peel 14g
egg yolk 40g
low protein 520g

(3) Dried fruit
MZT Dried pineapple: 392g
Dried strawberry: 588g
Strawberry wine: 200g
Nuts: 220g
More than 55% small button chocolate: 240g

Mixing final temperature 26-28 °C
Basic proofing temperature 30 – 32 °C
Final fermentation temperature 30 – 32 °C
Basic proofing 45 minutes
Last proofing 60 minutes
Dough cut: 180g
Baking temperature 230/210
Intermediate proofing 45 minutes
Intermediate proofing temperature 30 – 32 °C
Baking time: 20+5 minutes

1. Mix (1) well and rest 1 hour at room temperature
2. Mix (1) and (2) at slow speed for 5 minutes, mix at high speed for 1 minute adding in the butter. Change to slow speed 3 mins, then mix high speed again for 2-3 mins until window stage.
3. Soak the dry fruits with wine for 1 night.
4. Add all in (3) into the dough and mix well.

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