Red Bean Paste Singapore

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Our healthy red bean paste is made from red beans from Wandan, which are selected according to strict selection criteria and comes with unique flavor. Wandan is a fertile place, with plenty of water and sunshine in autumn and winter.

The red beans from this place are full and not hollow, bright red in color and the boiled red beans give a rich aroma, with its texture crispy and skin thin. It is easy to cook and the quality is very good. You can make use of red bean paste to make and bake red bean buns, bread, dumplings with red bean paste during the festive seasons, as well as dorayaki red bean paste pancake dessert!

Our red bean paste comes without artificial coloring, no artificial flavor and preservatives. It is completely healthy and natural.

Red beans are rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamin B group, iron, phosphorus, potassium and polyamino acids. Among them, the content of amino acid and vitamin B is the highest among various beans. As for mineral elements in red beans, potassium is more abundant; it is rich in iron, which promotes blood circulation.

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Healthy red bean paste singapore

Ingredients: wantan red bean, maltose, cane sugar, water, butter, vanilla beans

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