Red Bean Oat Crispy Toast

Red Bean Oat Crispy Toast Recipe Guidelines

Baking red bean oat crispy toast


Mixing final temperature: 26 °C
Basic proofing temperature: 28 °C – 32 °C
Basic proofing: 30min
Dough cut out portions: 60g
Intermediate proofing temperature: 30°C
Intermediate proofing: 30min
Final fermentation temperature: 30°C – 32°C
Last proofing: 45min – 60min
Baking temperature: 200°C – 210°C
Baking time: 10min

Cher France bread flour 200g
Active bread flour 700g
Limagne stone-milled wheat flour 100g
Malt extract 2g
Low sugar dry yeast 7g
Granulated sugar 40g
Rock salt 20g
Mashed soybean 100g
Water 620g
Unsalted butter 30g
Yeast dough 300g
MZT Buckwheat grain 150g

Crispy red bean oatmeal
Flour 1000g
MZT red bean grains 150g

1. Mix well all dry ingredients.
2. Add in liquid ingredients together and beat till 80%.
3. Add in mashed soybean and butter.
4. Add in red beans and mix well in low speed. Rest the dough for 30 minutes.
5. Shape, proof and bake.

Note: this recipe provides the basic guideline to make your own red bean oat crispy toast. Adjust temperature accordingly. This is one of our favourite breads from Master Chef Chen.