Healthy Purple Sweet Potato Paste and Recipe

Healthy Purple Sweet Potato Paste and Recipe

Want to make healthy bread and desserts with purple sweet potato paste? Try out the healthy and natural purple sweet potato paste and purple sweet potato powder from L’ecole Food. The paste and powder is free of artificial coloring and flavor, free of preservatives. You can make purple sweet potato cake, buns, bread as well as purple sweet potato mochi using these bakery ingredients.

There are may ways for you and your family to enjoy this healthy ingredient which is also halal. Click here for some ideas on making cake and and here’s a link to refer to for making sweet potato buns.

Sweet potato is rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and a variety of minerals. It is also rich in selenium, iron and anthocyanins. It is ranked first in the anti-cancer vegetables as announced by the National Vegetable Cancer Research Center of Japan.

Purple sweet potato filling and recipe

In addition, sweet potato can also be peeled, dried and crushed, processed into powder, beautiful in color and rich in nutrients. It is an excellent food processing raw material and can be used as a main ingredient or ingredient for various baking.

Healthy purple sweet potato filling and paste

Ingredients: purple sweet potato, sugar, butter

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