Black Bean Paste

Black Bean Paste

Our Black Beans comes from Taiwan and is 100% non-genetically modified and the beans go through strict selection to ensure they are full and the taste is thicker. This black bean paste is a frozen product and comes without any preservatives, without artificial coloring and flavor. Black beans are proven to be beneficial to the human body and health.

Black bean paste supplier

They contain protein up to 45% or more with the high-quality protein about 1/4 higher than soybeans, ranking it first among all kinds of beans, and it is also known as “plant protein meat.” Black beans are found to contain at least 19 fatty acids with an unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 80%.

Black bean powder is one of the six major nutrients in food. In nutrition, it is called minerals. The powder content in black beans is 4.47%, which is significantly higher than other beans. Black bean is also rich in vitamins, soy isoflavones, polysaccharides, black bean pigments, the most original health and deliciousness of black beans are preserved during the filling process.

Our black bean paste are most excellent ingredients to be used in your baked products. For bulk or wholesale orders of our black beans or black bean paste, get in touch with our office today!