Bake Sponge Cake Using Cake Mix

Bake Sponge Cake With Silky Cake Mix

Bake sponge cake using our silky cake mix. Give your new day a lift by baking sponge cakes for yourself or your friends! Cakes make everything better. L’ecole Food Company supplies silky cake mix to make delicious and tasty sponge cakes to local bakeries and home chefs! For bulk or whole orders of our silky cake mix, get in touch with us for more details!

Cake mix for sponge cakeYou can also bake pandan kaya cheese Cake made from zeefine silky cake mix, Quick 75 and Rap. For bulk orders and wholesale orders of our silky cake mix, Quick 75 or Rap, give us a call or email us at LecoleFood.com

Bake cheese cake with silky cake mix