• Sourdough


BÖCKER 350 was developed from a targeted combination of raw materials, micro organisms, fermentation parameters and a special drying procedure. Intensive and roasty aroma compounds arise during the drying procedure. This high concentration of aroma compounds can only be found in dried sourdough. BÖCKER 350 is made of natural ingredients only.

Ingredients:rye flour, starter cultures

BÖCKER Direkt 25

BÖCKER Direkt 25 is a liquid, ready-to-pour wheat sourdough. This mild wheat sourdough was developed for the direct use without long fermentation processes. Due to the special manufacturing process, BÖCKER Direkt 25 is stable without cooling.

BÖCKER Direkt 25 is naturally stabilised without heating, only by adding salt and vinegar. The prepared doughs are machine-friendly and absolutely stable in further processing. Long lasting crispness, excellent fresh-keeping, juiciness and a mild wheat-typical aroma are the key performances in the completed baked goods.

Ingredients:water, wheat flour, natural vinegar, salt, starter cultures

BÖCKER Rye Liquid

This liquid rye sourdough made by BÖCKER has a perfect lactic acid and acetic acid ratio. It was developed from the classic three-stage-process and was stabilised without heating. The benefit of this procedure is that aroma compounds remain in the sourdough. Usually, they dissolve during the heating process. The finished breads and baked goods receive a mild, acidic-aromatic flavour.

Ingredients:sourdough (water, rye-milling products, starter cultures), vinegar, sugar, wheat starch


BÖCKER has been successful in making its aroma intensive microbiological trains inured to low temperatures by specialised methods. Bocker TK Starter has to be stored at -18°C. Despite of this, it is still able to sour immediately and grow with the Lactobacillus sanfrancisensis cultures. Even during the critical starting phase of an in-house sourdough fermentation process, overgrowing or inaccurate fermentation can be avoided successfully. The refrigerated starter culture Bocker TK Starter has the same high fermentation activity as the well-known BÖCKER Relnzucht-Sauertelg and can also be easily processed.

Ingredients:Rye-milling products, water, glycerol, BÖCKER starter cultures