About L’ecole

Over the last few years, L’ecole has become one of the preferred choices of Singapore’s top professional bread and confectionary brands. They all share our passion in expert sourcing the best natural and wholesome baking ingredients of exceptional quality, with a specialisation for Taiwanese products. In particular, our Maizhitian and Foodstar ingredients are kept free from preservatives and addictives when imported in reefer containers.

Our gourmet range of ingredients also comes from a reliable European connection with long-term partners such as Zeelandia from Netherlands and Bocker from Germany.

Our contribution to the creative process in baking is not limited to just the ingredients. We collaborate with movers and shakers in the baking industry to boldly innovate and spearhead new bakery trends. Our drive is to share these game-changing ideas so that local chefs and bakers can elevate their offering, improve their processes and ultimately grow their businesses.

Our brand promise

Creating Your Recipe For Success

– is an embodiment of our passion and dedication.

Our core values are fundamental
to everything we do at L’ecole:




We believe honest ingredients is the best policy and one will be able to taste all the love that goes into making the bread and pastries.